Hesperidean horn tweeters, the art of high frequency

With the Hesperidean HT series you own the worlds finest horn tweeter. With our craftmanship, knowledge and experience, we observe the methods of the past, and with a new perspective, combine modern production methods with the classical one to create a spectacular experience, not only for the ears, but the eyes also. With the ability to deliver a consistant coverage it will ensure a listening experience with unforgettable brilliance, depth and detail.

What makes them so special ?

Elysio Hornspeaker horns spread the sound evenly with a maximal loss of + – 3db. The sweetspot is not just a single position in the room, it is the whole area where you want it to be! Elysio Hesperidean horn tweeters create a very wide “sweetspot”, giving a very comfortable and even sound experience from a wide part of your room.

Which versions are available?

The Hesperidean horntweeter is available for different horn types and sizes. For large horns, like the Western Electric WE 15a or 16a, the HT9-8060 is the best choice.Horns like Sato or similar sized horns, the HT16-8060 or HT16-7040 is the best choice.For horns like the Western Electric WE 21a or similar sized, the HT25-8060 or the HT25-7040 are recommended.Of course, the Hesperidean horn tweeter can be used as a stand alone version on top of midrange or bass speaker.Each size offers the best available frequency range for your midrange horn or speakers.

Why consistant coverage and dif‐ferent angles ?

We all live in different spaces under different circumstances.The Hesperidean HT series allows you to control the soundarea.As you can see on the frequency response graph above of a HT25-7040 it is consistent over the range from 2.5khz to 20khz.This gives you the freedom to move around in your room to enjoy the same sound experience.Greenis on axis, Blueis 30° off axis horizontal and Redis 20° off axis vertical.The frequency curves are relatively close together which is a funda-mental advantage of the Hesper-idean horn speakers.The first unreflected sound is the most important!This sound defines the dynamics,With the Hesperidean HT series you can influence the amount of reflected energy in your space.Narrow angle allows less reflection on the side walls and ceiling with higher dynamic.Wider angle allows more reflec-tions, a bit less dynamic and softer, It is up to you.

Coaxial position inside the large midrange horn

Most horn tweeters are placed out-side the midrange horn. Why is it essential to place it coaxi-ally ?It connects the sound axis of your midrange horn and the horn tweeter. Due to this, the Elysio Heasperidean horns are designed to be placed in the center of the midrange horn.Elysio Hesperidean HT series horns are designed for optimized sound flow with minimal reflections .The driver and the horn are covered with a streamlined cone to prevent reflections inside the midrange horn.


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Oktober 10, 2022