The Hyperion Horn

It covers the range from 300 Hz up to 20 kHz in one large coaxial installation. The combination of the large midrange, dual throat horn, and the Hesperidean HT25-7040 offers an outstanding sound experience. Combined with a specific bass solution of your choice, you will get a perfect and unforgettable sound, a horn speaker with a unique design, and remarkable craftsmanship.

What makes it so special ?

There are many unique features and details that define the sound and design. Let’s start with the most important part!

The Sound

The coaxial installation of both horns is a standout feature. The Hesperidean HT25-7040 is set on the axis with the midrange horn, which is unique in the world of horns and of utmost importance! The dual-throat horn delivers a symmetric sound dispersion, which is fundamental for an even sound experience. Due to the dual slit, the Hyperion provides an even sound range and coverage from 300 Hz up to 5 kHz. The compression driver Elysio HD-1 reproduces sound linearly from about 150 Hz up to 5 kHz with very low distortion and a wide range, but we go even further and use two drivers per horn. The benefit is half the distortion.
Our Elysio Hesperidean HT25-7040 horn tweeter is the base for decent high-frequency reproduction, smooth, clear, and even in dispersion of its entire range, from 3 kHz up to 20 kHz.

Elysio Hesperidean HT25-7040 above and the compression driver Elysio HD-1 below, individualized with a customized backplate, all coated in „Pearl Ivory“

Back of the Hyperion with the dual throat and two compression driver Elysio HD-1, put on top of the tripod

The Design

The most dominant design element is the coaxial position of the Elysio Hesperidean HT25-7040 horn and the dual-throat horn. This has acoustical reasons and thus dictates the form, which follows the function.

For us, it was an opportunity to create a unique and outstanding horn speaker. It combines several aspects of functionality for sound reproduction and usability.

The usability was accomplished with a universal mounting system that makes it possible to use the horn in different situations, like on top of a bass cabinet, mounted on a bass wall, or on a tripod for varying room positions


The Hyperion horn is a unique combination of materials, including steel, wood, and brass, which offer endless possibilities for customization. From veneer and lacquer finishes to individualized parts, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind piece that is both special and unique.

Bass solution

Elysio Hornspeaker offers a variety of bass solutions, including simple yet versatile bass cabinets, massive bass walls, and room-sized bass horns. Our favorite bass system is a closed system, which can be used for both simple bass cabinets and huge front-loading bass horns. Bass walls and bass horns can be seamlessly integrated into your interior design, as shown in the pictures below.

Mounting systems

The Hyperion horn can be mounted on four different mounts. Tripod, Bass cabinet, Wall mount, Celling skid.

The Tripod option provides greater flexibility and allows for easier adaptation to your unique room setup

The bass enclosure mount creates a close connection between the Hyperion horn and your bass cabinet. This is particularly effective when combined with the Atlas 2 bass cabinet

The wall mount is an optimal solution for tight room situations, as it can be swiveled by up to 60 degrees. It is particularly effective when combined with the Atlas 10 bass wall, providing a space-saving yet powerful and immersive sound experience.


The Elysio Hornspeaker team is, the König brothers and Christoph Martin. Manfred König is a Master carpenter, while Andreas König is a Master blacksmith. Together with Christoph Martin, who heads the company and oversees design, development, and organization, we bring passion, decades of knowledge and experience to the creation of these exceptional horn speakers. All crafted in Bavaria, Germany.


Size: HxWxD
Hyperion horn           84 x 90 x 53cm
Final size varies with the bass solution

Max. height, mounted on:
Tripod                           139cm
Bass enclosure           139cm
Wall mount                 variable, but min. 54cm between floor and frame
Ceiling skid                 variable, but min. 54cm between floor and frame

Depth, mounted on:
Tripod                           variable
Bass enclosure           min. 56cm
Wall mount                 68cm
Ceiling skid                 variable

Frequency range:
300hz – 20khz
Starts at 20-30hz with the bass solution

Average efficiency : depends on the bass solution
95 – 105 db/ 1m / 1Watt

Contact and appointments

You’re invited to an appointment where you can discover the captivating sound of our horn speaker firsthand. For further inquiries or to schedule your visit, feel free to contact me via email at info(at)